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New Honda CR-Z
18 April 2010

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Business breakfast
16 April 2010

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Bald Eagle
29 March 2009

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Guggenheim museum
20 February 2009

Recent Comments

omid on Panoramic Mosque
very nice & amazing! . Please see:

Rafael on Panoramic Mosque
Impressive work.

Hoshisato on Panoramic Mosque
Excellent work, I do enjoy making 360 panoramas myself but have them listed at , what do you use to stitch?

Curly on Skater I
Perfect action shot, nicely anticipated.

katalog firm on DEP - RIP
nice image,great colours and details

saeed on The shortest night of the year
Brilliant.colours are so great

k@ on Fossil I
Super focus, scary ;)

omidvahabzadeh on The shortest night of the year

celes on Alice in Wonderland I
Me encanta!!! Q pena q me lo perdí!! un besito graaaaande

elmer on Alice in Wonderland III
hola. Amazing shot, con una apariencia de efecto de "cambio de inclinación", debido a una profundidad ...

Jojigirl on Alice in Wonderland I
Sigh, I will never fit on that nice dress. Like the play of light on the grey tones.

e11even on Alice in Wonderland I
Wow! I want that dress!

Self-Indulgence on Alice in Wonderland I
Beautiful costume!

erfi anugrah on Old Machine
Really antique! Awesome monochrome!

Curly on Corner
Nicely processed, there is light and shade with good contrast, as well as three well defined colours. Clever shot.

Curly on White line you think the point of focus may be too far away?

Meysam on Macro
Unbelievable! Amazing shot with perfect light and background. Five stars!

Erika Melisa on Urban Views VI
haha this is an awesoem shot and priceless expression!

Erika Melisa on Remembering
nice shot!

erfi anugrah on Drinking Game
Nice perspective!

Celeb on Drinking Game
Hola Javier... ya veo que estás de vuelta ... Una diana muy curiosa, jeje

Rajaa on Remembering
great composition :-)

J.Molitor on Faces III

M.M.Lotaief on Working
Isn't the camera man supposed to be shooting the interviewee?

Angel on The shortest night of the year

Angel on Landscape III - Moon III
Muy buena, excelente luz

Zing on Urban Views VI
Funny shot, nice dog!

Curly on Urban Views VI
Whoops! Windy day, fun shot, great facial expression.

Mags on Urban Views VI
So funny shot, I've got one close to this one coming on tuesday :)

daniela scharnowski on Urban Views VI
XD Great street shot! And excellently timed!

daniela scharnowski on Urban Views IV
Heavens! he shoul visit the otorhinolaryngologist ;)

Celeb on Urban Views IV
Hola Javier... me sorprende la operación "rápida" para dejar de roncar..jajaja ¿o no es ...

Anthony Thomason on Urban Views IV

Dimitrios on Urban Views II
oh my goodness! is he a doctor, hahaha

Shahryar on Landscape III - Moon III
Interesting shot :)

Elora on Landscape III - Moon III
very nice :)

Lee on Concept III - Sand
I like this!

Lee on Landscape III - Moon III
I almost didn't click the thumb... really I glad I did.

Sophie Asselin on Landscape II
Very nice shot ! I like it for the composition and the colors.

B. Thomas on Landscape II
Nice landscape!

Sophie Asselin on Landscape I
It's beautiful. Nice compositon.

manel on Concept II - Waves
Muy original. Me gusta.

Godo on Concept II - Waves
Alguien ha estado por playas canarias??? Qué envidia!!! Abrazote

Mj007 on The shortest night of the year
awesome!! sooooo coooool!!

Godo on Pin-up (and VI)
Hola Javi, Veo que le vienes dando fuerte al estudio. Me gusta como has generado ese ambiente relajado y desenfadado ...

Chris Pereira on Concept I - Waste
even you could make a garbage can look artistic, nice angle and lighting

Curly on Pin-up (and VI)
She has looked most rebellious throughout this series, but still interesting.

Rags on Pin-up (and VI)
funny face.

Hamid.R on Pin-up IV
nice shot

Rags on Pin-up IV
She's bad to the bone.

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